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Kristin Lucas «Involuntary Reception»
Kristin Lucas, «Involuntary Reception», 2000
Videostill | © Kristin Lucas

United States | Concept: Kristin Lucas | Camera: Kristin Lucas; Joe McKay | Schnitt: Kristin Lucas; Amanda Ault; Paul Hill | Edition / Production: Experimental Television Center

 Kristin Lucas
«Involuntary Reception»

Involuntary Reception is a double-imaged, double-edged report from a young woman lost in the telecommunications ether. Possessing extraordinary electrical forces - a surging EPF (electro-magnetic pulse field) - she self-broadcasts her unique experience of the world. Appearing as a somewhat tragic spirit, the character, played by Lucas, is quarantined from physical contact and yet always at risk of contamination from the multitudinous signals of our digital age.

(Source: Electronic Arts Intermix, online catalogue: