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Lisa Jevbratt «1:1» | Every IP 2001
Lisa Jevbratt, «1:1», 1999 – 2001
Every IP 2001 | © Lisa Jevbratt
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United States

 Lisa Jevbratt

«1:1» was a project created in 1999 which consisted of a database that would eventually contain the addresses of every Web site in the world and interfaces through which to view and use the database. Crawlers were sent out on the Web to determine whether there was a Web site at a specific numerical address. If a site existed, whether it was accessible to the public or not, the address was stored in the database. However, the Web was changing faster than the database was updated and in 2001 it was clear that the database was outdated.
«1:1(2)» is a continuation of the project including a second database of addresses generated in 2001 and 2002 and interfaces that show and compare the data from both databases.
Because of the interlaced nature of the search, the database could in itself at any given point be considered a snap-shot or portrait of the web, revealing not a slice, but an image of the web with increasing resolution. The interfaces/visualizations are not maps of the web but are, in some sense, the web. They are super-realistic and yet function in ways images could not function in any other environment or time. They are a new kind of image of the web and they are a new kind of image. «1:1» operates with five interfaces—Migration: reveals in one image how the Web has ›moved‹ over the last few years; Hierarchical: the Web as directory structure; Every: mapping of all web servers in the database; Random: randomly generated IP addresses from the database; Excursion: provides access to the unsearched places of the web—visualize the databases and provide means of using the databases to access and navigate the Web.

(Source: Lisa Jevbratt, Introduction to 1:1)