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VNS Matrix «All New Gen»
VNS Matrix, «All New Gen», 1995
Screenshot | © VNS Matrix

 VNS Matrix
«All New Gen»

Female ‹cybersluts› and ‹guerrillas,› ‹anarcho cyber-terrorists› infiltrate cyberspace and hack into the controls and databanks of Big Daddy Mainframe, the Oedipal man. The aim of the game is to sow the seeds of the New World disorder to the databanks and in this way to end the rule of phallic power.
All New Gen refers to both new generations and genders. VNS Matrix plays with different sexualities and gendered roles, quotes from popular culture and cultural theory. Cyber-sluts resemble female action-dolls, and their well-designed interfaces acknowledge the role of gender technologies and made-up femininities.