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Eva Wohlgemuth «Body Scan»
Eva Wohlgemuth, «Body Scan», 1997
2003 | Photography | © Eva Wohlgemuth
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Categories: Image processing

Keywords: Cultural Theory | Body

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 Eva Wohlgemuth
«Body Scan»

«In February (1997) I went to Monterrey, California, in order to map my body. The recorded x, y and z coordinates of 285,000 points on my body resulted in a ‹Bodyscan› that describes the surface of the body. From this point onward, I exist as a digital data-object, also in the Internet. Many current body-related works deal with the descriptions and generating of imaginary cyber-bodies, and functionally-improved body-machines. In my case, I try to examine the influences and parameters, which determine the body, and see it first of all as a three-dimensional, topographical structure. I do body-mapping in the sense of a social-integrative re-mapping. [...] The user can override as well as penetrate the body. Here the inner space of the body’s covering opens itself as the carrier of real image material, in which I portray diverse, given aspects of myself. Since the ‹digital Eva› is an illusion, simulacrum, and imitation of the original biological body, it undermines the separating of the inner and outer worlds. My art-body possesses ‹depth› and thereby examines that which is called ‹interiority› and defines the integrity of the subject.»