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Eva Wohlgemuth «EvaSys»
Eva Wohlgemuth, «EvaSys», 1997
Photography | © Eva Wohlgemuth

 Eva Wohlgemuth

«Many of the current body works focus on the description and creation of the imagined cyber body, the functionally improved body machine. Whereas I am trying to research the influences and parameters that determine the body and I view it firstly as a three dimensional topological structure. I pursue body mapping in terms of a social-integrative re-mapping. So far I have done this with two projects, using the data of the «body scan»: «personal information 1.0» is a computer animation, based on real tattoos that I wear on my body. It allows the user to interactively research my body. The audio part delivers personal data about me, for example «How I spend my day.»
The second work, «In/Out» examines the body as an exterior and interior space. The user can both fly above and enter the body. Here the inside of the body shell opens as carrier of real image material with which I display various mental states of myself. But as the ‹digital Eva› is an illusion, simulation and imitation of the original biological body the separation of interior and exterior world is undermined. My artificial body has ‹depth› and thereby examines what is known as ‹inwardness› and what determines the subject’s integrity.»

Source: Eva Wohlgemuth, Statement for the Thealit-Laboratory »Artificial Life:// Media stories«, Bremen 1997 []