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Antoni Muntadas «Cadaqués Canal Local»
Antoni Muntadas, «Cadaqués Canal Local», 1974
Filmstill | © Antoni Muntadas


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Spain | broadcasting station

 Antoni Muntadas
«Cadaqués Canal Local»

Muntadas altered a regional TV channel for broadcasting a program—reports and interviews—that the artist produced himself, together with his colleagues in the Catalan town of Cadaqués. In Spain, in 1974, there existed only one official TV channel, which made this not only an unconventional contribution in the area of art and telecommunication, but also an intervention in the sociopolitical sphere. With the presentation of ‹his› television program in the small local bars, or in the city’s casino, where television was treated and functioned as an educating element of social life, the artist’s efforts bore witness to an interlocking of ‹art and life.›