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Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie «Electronic Café»
Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie, «Electronic Café», 1984
Screenshot | © Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie

Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie «Electronic Café»Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie «Electronic Café»
Los Angeles | United States

 Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie
«Electronic Café»

Telecommunications artists Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz like to think of themselves as ‹instigators,› and they instigated themselves up a storm during the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. They set up their «Electronic Cafe» project with money from the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art at five ethnic restaurants in Los Angeles, with the idea of reflecting the cultural diversity of both the city and the Olympic Games contained therein.
People at the five restaurants, as well as at the museum, could—and did—exchange drawings, photos, poems, and messages to cafegoers at other locations, via the video/computer/robot equipment setups.
Galloway says that restaurant owners gave up table space—table space, in Los Angeles, during the Olympics !—because they wanted to «do something for the community.» If this is instigation, please, may we have more?

(Source: InfoWorld, September 10, 1984)