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Wolfgang Staehle «empire 24/7»
Wolfgang Staehle, «empire 24/7», 1999

Wolfgang Staehle «empire 24/7»Wolfgang Staehle «empire 24/7»Wolfgang Staehle «empire 24/7»Wolfgang Staehle «empire 24/7»Wolfgang Staehle «empire 24/7»
United States | live webcast, Installation | Concept: Wolfgang Staehle | Hardware: Webcam, Internetverbindung, Datenprojektor | internet project; video projection

 Wolfgang Staehle
«empire 24/7»

«Empire 24/7» - Instant images for instant consumption: In this hommage to Andy Warhol, which originally appeared as a projected environment in the 1999 exhibit «net_condition» in Karlsruhe, Germany, a video camera pointed out of The Thing's New York office window captures a continuous image of Leona Helmsley's prized possession, i.e. the Empire State Building.
24/7 refers to the availability of access usually to a shop, open 24 hours on 7 days a week.

Wolfgang Staehle