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Stelarc «Fractal Flesh»
Stelarc, «Fractal Flesh»
Photography | © Stelarc


Categories: Performance

Keywords: Gender | Simulation

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Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte «TV-Bra for Living Sculpture»

Australia | Sound: Curd Duca (Sound Installation) | Participants: Kathy Rae Keisuke Oki (Performance Assistant); Kathy Rae Huffman (Remote Site Coordinator); Thomas Schoenherr (Communications) | Software: Troy Innocent; Gary Zebington (Remote Body-Control Software) | Programming: Oliver Frommel (Telepolis Webmaster) | audiovisual performance

«Fractal Flesh»

A collage of phrases and theoretical poetical language on the performance »Fractal Flesh,» published on his website:
A body of FRACTAL FLESH, whose agency can be electronically extruded on the Net—from one body to another body elsewhere. Not as a kind of remote-control cyber-Voodoo, but as the DISPLACING OF MOTIONS from one Net-connected physical body to another. Agency could be shared in the one body or in a multiplicity of bodies in an ELECTRONIC SPACE OF DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE, a body with TELEMATIC SCALING OF THE SENSES, perceiving and operating beyond its biology and the local space and human scale it now occupies, a body remapped and reconfigured, a body directly wired into the Net, a body that manifests the statistical and collective data flow, as a socio-neural compression algorithm. A body whose proprioception responds not to its internal nervous system but to the external stimulation of globally connected computer networks.