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Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte «TV-Bra for Living Sculpture»
Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte, «TV-Bra for Living Sculpture», 1969
© Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte


Categories: Action | Video

Keywords: Object | Aggression | Fluxus | Body | Music

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New York | United States

 Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte
«TV-Bra for Living Sculpture»

Paik met Charlotte Moorman in New York in 1964, where she was organizing the performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen's 'Originale' (‘Originals’), a piece in which Paik had been cast in Cologne in 1961. From that time on, they appeared together in numerous performances for which Paik developed his first video objects. 'TV-Bra for Living Sculpture' – the photo was taken in 1970 during a performance in the 'Happening & Fluxus' exhibition in Cologne – is composed of two miniature cathode ray tubes which Charlotte Moorman wears instead of a bra. Paik's intention is "to humanize electronics and technology. By using TV as bra, the most intimate belonging of human being, we will demonstrate the human use of technology, and so stimulate the viewers NOT for something mean but stimulate their phantasy to look for the new imaginative and humanistic ways of using technology.'