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Stelarc «Amplified Body»
Stelarc, «Amplified Body», 1996 – 1997
1996 | Screenshot | © Stelarc

«Amplified Body»

If the earlier events in Stelarc's perfomance work – the filming of the inside of the body and the 25 »Body Suspensions« body suspensions – can be characterised as probing and piercing the body and determining its physical parameters and normal capabilities, then later performances as »Amplified Body« extend and enhance the body, visually and acoustically.
»Amplified Body« processes include brainwaves (EEG), muscles (EMG), pulse (plethysmogram) and bloodflow (doppler flow meter). Other transducers and sensors monitor limb motion and indicate body posture.
The body performs in a structured and interactive lighting installation which flickers and flares in response to the electrical discharges of the body - sometimes synchronising, sometimes counterpointing. Light is treated not as an external illumination of the body but as a manifestation of the body's rhythms.

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