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Handshake «Handshake»
Handshake, «Handshake», 1993 – 1994
© Handshake

Handshake «Handshake»Handshake «Handshake»Handshake «Handshake»

Categories: Internet

Keywords: Participation | Process

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Handshake, founded in 1993 by Barbara Aselmeier, Joachim Blank, Armin Haase, and Karlheinz Jeron, was one of the first communication projects in Germany to use the electronic network Internet. Realized as an interactive room installation, it created an interface between the electronic network and the world of life. Prepared communication and perception experiments on a textual, visual, and auditory basis point to cultural particulars and commonalities among the participants. Handshake saw itself as a continuous process with the intention of observing behavioral patterns of people and machines in the electronic network.
1994-95 Handshake operated the legendary Clubnetz, consisting of public IRC Chat Terminals in Berlin clubs. At the turn of the year 1994/95, Handshakewas subsumed in the newly founded Internationalen Stadt (International City Federation).