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Norman White «Hearsay» | Generated Text (Part)
Norman White, «Hearsay», 1985
Generated Text (Part) | Screenshot | © Norman White


 Norman White

«Hearsay» was a telecommunications event based upon the children's game whereby a secret message is whispered from person to person till it arrives back at its originator. In this case a message (a poem by the Hungarian writer Robert Zend) was sent around the world in 24 hours, roughly following the sun, via a global computer network (Artex/IPSharp, I. P. Sharp Associates). Each of the eight participating centers was charged with translating the message into a different language before sending it on. The whole process was monitored at Toronto's A–Space. The route of the message was—Toronto, Des Moines, Sydney, Tokyo, Vienna, Newport, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Toronto. The languages were—English-Spanish-Italian-Japanese-German-Welsh-Hungarian.