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Lutz Dammbeck «Hercules Concept: War of the Viruses»
Lutz Dammbeck, «Hercules Concept: War of the Viruses», 1997
Photograph: Ole Höppner | © Lutz Dammbeck

Photograph: Ole Höppner

 Lutz Dammbeck
«Hercules Concept: War of the Viruses»

Created in 1996-97, this installation carries forward the ‘Hercules' project Lutz Dammbeck begun in 1982 when still based in Leipzig. On the hard disk of a PC the visitor finds a game entitled ‘Demiurg' as well as a ‘global formula' simulating ‘unlimited access to genetic stock in its entirety'. The demiurge-cum-player can assemble what happens to be required identities, civilizations, nations – from the material provided. Light boxes are equipped with blueprints for the modern age: the schemes and plans for a computer virus, streams of nomads, airports, Monte Verita, and so on. Despite internetworking and globalization, polarizing thought remains dominant – Dammbeck points to the disturbing inability to deal with the non-identical.