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William Forsythe «Improvisation Technologies»
William Forsythe, «Improvisation Technologies», 1994
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William Forsythe «Improvisation Technologies»William Forsythe «Improvisation Technologies»William Forsythe «Improvisation Technologies»William Forsythe «Improvisation Technologies»William Forsythe «Improvisation Technologies»

Categories: Multimedia

Keywords: Body | Process


 William Forsythe
«Improvisation Technologies»

William Forsythe is one of today's most important choreographers. He has been director of the Frankfurt Ballet since 1984, and has introduced changed paradigms into contemporary dance.
'Improvisation Technologies' is a digital dancing school that feeds Forsythe's improvisation techniques into the basic training. Forsythe explains the key principles of his improvisation work in over 100 video chapters in the form of short lectures. The video recordings were created graphically: animated white lines and other effects delineate sequences of movement and figures. Physical movement and its relationship with space can thus be perceived in a quite different way. The installation also offers documentation of the ballet called 'Self Meant to Govern', which was recorded with four cameras. The viewer can choose between the different viewpoints. Performance and studio rehearsal sequences are linked with the lecture demonstration to illustrate the theory. In 1999, Improvisation Technologies was published in revised form as a CD-ROM.