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Johan Grimonprez «Inflight Lounge»
Johan Grimonprez, «Inflight Lounge» With the video library «Maybe the sky is green and we're just colourblind», 2000
Courtesy: Argos, Brussels | © Johan Grimonprez
Exhibition «Art Unlimited» at Art 31 Basle (CH).

Johan Grimonprez «Inflight Lounge»Johan Grimonprez «Inflight Lounge»Johan Grimonprez «Inflight Lounge»

Categories: Context | Installation

Works by Johan Grimonprez:

dial H-I-S-T-0-R-Y

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Belgium | Edition / Production: ZAP-O-MATIC, Argos (B) | mixed media installation

 Johan Grimonprez
«Inflight Lounge: With the video library «Maybe the sky is green and we're just colourblind»»

As a supplement to his film «dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y,» Grimonprez initially launched an «Inflight Magazine» only to develop later on various «Inflight Lounges» for museums and exhibitions including video libraries. Whereas his video lounge for Documenta X was playing on the low-tech and improvised character of watching movies at home, the «Inflight Lounge» displays a slick, commercial outlook—in stark contrast to the possible content of the actual video libraries.