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Ingo Günther «K4 (C3 I)»
Ingo Günther, «K4 (C3 I)», 1987

 Ingo Günther
«K4 (C3 I)»

The ‘C3 I' in the title of this work is derived from the words ‘Command Control Communication and Intelligence'. In a bunker-like room, all its surfaces covered with marble, satellite pictures are projected from a video projector
onto a marble slab on a block of stone. The pictures, taken from a height of 700 km, show a Soviet military airfield in Afghanistan and a runway in Honduras whose existence the Americans had denied. ‘K4 (C3 I) formed part of ‘Ocean Earth', a series of works in which Ingo Günther and Peter Fend showed satellite pictures, some previously unknown, in public. They used the pictures to reconstruct a reality that, although beyond everyday experience, does indeed reproduce reality. In‘K4 (C3 I) spectators acquire a physical relationship with these pictures, providing a material counterweight to the ‘magic' of invisible global control via satellite. The installation was shown at ‘documenta 8' in Kassel in 1987.