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Ulrike Rosenbach «Madonnas of the Flowers»
Ulrike Rosenbach, «Madonnas of the Flowers», 1975

 Ulrike Rosenbach
«Madonnas of the Flowers»

My 'Madonnas of the Flowers' video deals with the dissolution of an ideal, the end of a phase of identity. My composition of this theme combines hollow aesthetics with the intangible sensibility of the cliché to produce kitsch. 'Madonnas of the Flowers' is my reckoning with a value instilled in our minds that tells us the loss of youth and beauty also means the loss of identity.
I sit in front of the camera, a steel garland on my head, a transparent fan in my hand. The light plays on my face, which is semi-concealed behind a gauze veil. I fan the music on – Madonnas of the flowers – sweet and transitory – with no tangible material, consisting of light. Statuesque and airy at once.


Ulrike Rosenbach