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Netochka Nezvanova «nebula.m81» | Nebula.M81
Netochka Nezvanova, «nebula.m81» Autonomous, 1999
Nebula.M81 | Screenshot | © Netochka Nezvanova

Netochka Nezvanova «nebula.m81» | Nebula.M81Netochka Nezvanova «nebula.m81» | play audio

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 Netochka Nezvanova
«nebula.m81: Autonomous»

Nebula.M81 is a web-based Macintosh user application and an aesthetic processor of html code retrieved from web sites, which it turns into animated text, graphics and sound displays that can partly be influenced by user-triggered parameters. Nebula.M81 ranked highest on the jury's scales of code as attitude.