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Markus Popp «Oval Process Public Beta»
Markus Popp, «Oval Process Public Beta», 2000
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Markus Popp «Oval Process Public Beta»Markus Popp «Oval Process Public Beta» | Ovalprocess

Categories: Sound

Keywords: Intermedia | Music

Works by Markus Popp:

Oval| Wohnton

Germany | 100*120 cm (W*H) | Mixed media Interface, transparenter Glascontainer mit LCD flatscreen-Interface, Steuereinheit, Trackball, Macintosh G4 Computer

 Markus Popp
«Oval Process Public Beta»

In the year 2000, with «Oval Process,» Markus Popp makes available an interactive authors’ environment which allows users to produce their own CDs within the pre-established «Oval» limitations. Through the CD-ROM drive, the software extracts from audio CDs short loops that can be immediately stored in the “mixing area,” where they produce a typical Oval sound. The program is rounded off by an effects region. The produced results can be saved and later arranged into completely new, audio tracks, none of which exist on the inserted CD.

»Ovalprocess Terminals«:
In 2001, Popp presents the «Oval Process Terminal,» a sound terminal consisting of a transparent, Plexiglas container with LCD flat-screen – interface with navigating unit (trackball), connected to a Macintosh G4, on which the Oval software is installed. The user’s surface is directly manipulative and purely iconic. In this way, Popp transfers his concept of the interactive authors’ environment to the public space, “as a way of not being interesting for simply ten minutes on a hard disk or as a web plug-in.” A terminal was installed in the Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.