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Markus Popp «Wohnton»
Markus Popp, «Wohnton», 1993
Photography | © Markus Popp

Markus Popp «Wohnton»Markus Popp «Wohnton»

Categories: Installation | Sound

Keywords: Interaction | Music

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icon: authorMarkus Popp «My music is a model for music»

Works by Markus Popp:

Oval| Oval Process Public Beta

Germany | interactive sound installation; sound sculpture

 Markus Popp

In 1993, «Oval» presents its sound installation «Wohnton,» comprised of 8 transportable modules, each equipped with 16 miniature loud speakers, an 8-track recording device, and 4 stereo amplifiers. Depending on the spatial setup, each module can be constructed to stand upright against a wall or hang from the ceiling. The music produced here is a physical experience in real time, one in which listeners can move through and meet people. Conceived for the carrying out of live events, or as a platform for expanding audio formats, «Wohnton» can be booked as one would a DJ or band. Between the years 1993 and 1996, «Wohnton» was presented in both an art context and at Techno raves.