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Norbert Meissner «Pentecost»
Norbert Meissner, «Pentecost», 1989
Photograph: Rudolf Frieling | © Norbert Meissner
The multiple edition of the video tape was conceived with the 8 video formats customary at the time of production, from analog to digital, from amateur to professional standard:: VHS/S-VHS C, U-Matic LB/HB, Hi-8, Betacam SP, M II, 1-inch C, and D 1. The [more]more

Norbert Meissner «Pentecost»Norbert Meissner «Pentecost»Norbert Meissner «Pentecost» | play video

Categories: Video

Keywords: Material | Object

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 Norbert Meissner

Walking a thematic tightrope, Norbert Meissner here puts media technology to the test. The universal event of pentecost is the moment of the highest realization: technologically, the moment of all possibilities, i.e. white noise and snow. The text spoken by a TV announcer tries to create a hierarchy, but it is constantly disturbed, subverted, and displaced by electronic image distortions and fade-ins and fade-outs of multilingual versions of the text and of signal terms in various alphabets. A work to be read with differentiation on truth, sublimity, and the media.