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Bruce Nauman «Raw Material – BRRR» | Raw Material – BRRR (detail)
Bruce Nauman, «Raw Material – BRRR», 1990
Raw Material – BRRR (detail) | Photograph: Schmitt, Bernhard | © ;

Bruce Nauman «Raw Material – BRRR» | Raw Material – BRRR (installation view)Bruce Nauman «Raw Material – BRRR» | Raw Material – BRRR (detail)
United States | 5*3.6*7.6 m (W*H*D) | 2 Monitore, 1 Projektor, 2 Videotapes, 2 Videoplayer. | Archive / Collection: ZKM, Karlsruhe | 2-channel-videoinstallation; 2-channel-audioinstallation

 Bruce Nauman
«Raw Material – BRRR»

Nauman compresses experience into intense bursts of electronic image and sound. Images of the artist's face are shown on two TV monitors, with a similar image projected onto an adjacent wall. Unlike the «talking heads» seen on TV, these faces have little to tell us, as they repeatedly blurt, in a nonsensical gesture, the simple monosyllable »Brrr«.