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Timm Ulrichs «Hidden Exhibition (II)»
Timm Ulrichs, «Hidden Exhibition (II)», 1996
Photograph: Lutz Bertram | © Timm Ulrichs

Timm Ulrichs «Hidden Exhibition (II)»Timm Ulrichs «Hidden Exhibition (II)»Timm Ulrichs «Hidden Exhibition (II)»

Categories: Installation

Keywords: Space | Surveillance

Works by Timm Ulrichs:

Checked Baggage| Selbstausstellung

Photograph: Lutz Bertram

 Timm Ulrichs
«Hidden Exhibition (II)»

Revealing the hidden is Timm Ulrichs' declared artistic intention in many of his works. To do so, he makes use of X-rays as well as infrared cameras. After his 1980-81 thermographic murals 'Für Kunst erwärmt' (Warming Up To Art), in which gallery rooms were colorized in accordance with the intensity of infrared thermal images of the same rooms in the same moment, here Ulrichs buries five picture frames under the facing of the wall.
This 'hidden exhibition' is discovered and made visible on a monitor by a thermographic camera registering temperature differences in the wall.