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Guy Debord «Howling for Sade» | contemporary caricature for premiere
Guy Debord, «Howling for Sade», 1952
contemporary caricature for premiere | © Guy Debord

 Guy Debord
«Howling for Sade»

As a film/situation «Howling for Sade» separates itself from any form of cinematic representation. Instead it demonstrates the cinematic equipment, the dispositive, and the process of cinematic performance and perception (in the form of negation). By combining fragments of texts on the soundtrack with the empty and partially-black film screen, a moment both abstract/self-reflective and extremely concrete is introduced into the dark space. The viewer is thrown back onto the actual context of the presentation, onto how its essence occurs in time perceived as real time, and finally onto oneself. Here abstraction suddenly changes to self-representation, and in place of representation reality itself comes forward.


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