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Visual Summary

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Milestones of Media-Art
icon: authorRudolf Frieling icon: authorDieter Daniels

To make embarking on an involvement with the contents of formal and artistic parameters of media art more effective, we have selected a series of works representing the various approaches and ‹types› of media art. This panorama embracing historic and newer works of an exemplary character is not meant, however, to form a canon. Their quality as «milestones» is rather defined by the fact that these works offer themselves in a unique way to an online multimedia representation. What emerged is a typology that analyzes examples of video art, video installation, interactive installation, immersive environments, performative results of computer art, communication projects, network art, and also depicts their formal and technical complexity. «Media art can only be conveyed by multimedia» - this motto is experienced in various forms in these works. This is a first attempt, based on examples, at showing that individual works should be far more comprehensively represented than is usually the case in «Media Art Net.» [more]more

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