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Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte «24-hour Happening»
Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte, «24-hour Happening», 1965
Courtesy: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Archiv Sohm | Photograph: Hanns Sohm | © Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte

Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte «24-hour Happening»Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte «24-hour Happening»

Categories: Happening

Keywords: Fluxus | Process | Time

Works by Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte:

Opera sextronique| TV-Bra for Living Sculpture

Wuppertal | Germany | Archive / Collection: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Archive Sohm, Stuttgart

 Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte
«24-hour Happening»

Charlotte Moorman and «Robot K-456» accompany Nam June Paik on a European tour. Both perform Paik's musical pieces (albeit in somewhat different ways), but their contribution to the «24-hour Happening» is a joint effort. Charlotte Moorman plays the cello in her famous see-through plastic dress, occasionally diving into a barrel of water and then continuing, dripping wet, to play her instrument, or rides around on Paik's back. According to Paik, however, there were interruptions due to human frailties: «Charlotte and I wanted to play a piece by John Cage, but shortly before we were due to begin, Charlotte fell into a sleep from which she was reluctant to awake, no matter how much I shouted and shook her. At my wit's end, I pretended to sleep while playing La Monte Young's piano pieces. Charlotte woke up at 2 in the morning, and they tell me she delivered a wonderful performance.»