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Categories: Film

Works by Andy Warhol:

Empire| Outer and Inner Space| Sleep

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Jack Smith

United States

 Andy Warhol

«Camp» is in the style of a variety show, staged at the Factory, complete with the floating silver pillows. It features Gerard Malanga, dressed in a tuxedo, as the master of ceremonies. Gerard also does a poetry reading. Paul Swan, the famous turn of the century modern dancer, restages one of his old dances and ends up dancing with Jane Holzer. Jane leaves the film set after her part is done, while the others remain. Mario Montez sings «If I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate» and dances in drag, while the cameraman zooms frantically in and out. Singer Tally Brown imitates Yma Sumac and introduces underground filmmaker Jack Smith who crosses the Factory floor and dramatically opens a closet door.