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Andy Warhol «Sleep» | Film still
Andy Warhol, «Sleep», 1963
Film still | © Andy Warhol


Categories: Film

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United States | 6 h | 16 fps, b/w, silent | Participants: John Giorno | 16mm-film

 Andy Warhol

In his films as in his art, he was fascinated by the borders between the real and reproduced. The titles of Warhol’s first films [...] are, in their conceptual simplicity, Minimalist expressions of a direct cinema of representation. There is no soundtrack and the films are projected not at the standard sound speed of 24 frames per second, but at silent speed–16 fps–thus further retarding the minimal action. The six-hour film ‹Sleep› (1963) shows poet John Giorno in various positions of sleep. Warhol elongated the ‹action,› recorded on 100-foot rolls of film, by repeating filmed segments through loop printing. The concluding image is a frozen still.

(Source: John G. Hanhardt, The Films of Andy Warhol: A Cultural Context, in: Whitney Museum of American Art (ed.), The Films of Andy Warhol, exhib. cat., Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 1988, p. 10.)