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Peter Weibel «Cartesianisches Chaos»
Peter Weibel, «Cartesianisches Chaos», 1992
Photography | © Peter Weibel
Schuler, Romana, Peter Weibel, Bildwelten 1982 - 1996 / Romana Schuler (Hg.). - Wien : Triton, 1996. - 320 S. : Ill.; (dt.) S. 241

 Peter Weibel
«Cartesianisches Chaos»

This interactive installation consists of a wooden platform on the floor, equipped with sensors, and a large projection of a digital reproduction of a real space, a box with its sides open and on whose lid one sees the simulation of a water surface. The viewers’ movements on the platform produce corresponding movements in the image of the water. As an external viewer, the interactant can observe this projected, artificial space from outside—but also as an internal viewer within the real space. Since the water is a dynamic system, by stepping heavily on the wooden platform interactants intensify the wave-like movements, until these reach a chaotic state and result in the destruction of the image (the waves flood the image). In this case, the viewer becomes a part of what causes the disturbance. So the environment and the viewer form a reciprocal system dependent on each another.


Claudia Giannetti