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Rebecca Horn «Cornucopia, Seance for Two Breasts»
Rebecca Horn, «Cornucopia, Seance for Two Breasts», 1970
Photograph: Achim Thode | © Rebecca Horn

 Rebecca Horn
«Cornucopia, Seance for Two Breasts»

A poetical construction that makes one think of a fabulous nurse machine, of a creative form lending the nourishing function of the female body a meaning that also comprehends the self-referentialism of the adult. From this perspective, the idea of self-nourishment takes on a vital dimension whose other, more constricting side is revealed by the usage of the black tape and the ligature with the head. Mythological figure, poetical construction and purpose-free object – these attributes of so many of Rebecca Horn's works can also be associated with this object, which bears a close relation to the performances shown in the films «Performances I», 1972, and «Performances II», 1973.