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Wolf Vostell «Electronic Dé-coll/age, Happening Room» | TV Set No. 3
Wolf Vostell, «Electronic Dé-coll/age, Happening Room», 1968
TV Set No. 3 | ©
TV Set No. 3 with horizontal and diagonal picture distortions, ski and electronic honey pot, fish and UV-light Lübke-made coal shovel. Technician Peter Saage developed an interactive system that controls the movements of the objects. He noted: 'In communicating with the electronic dé-coll/age happening room, you change it. Your position in the room is reported to a computer in the form of electrical pulses derived from the photocells. During your absence, your behaviour is temporarily adopted by self-excited pulse sources in onanic anal-ogy. If the dé-coll/age happening room is overcrowded, then the analog computers work in the nonlinear range, which results in a temporary failure of the control pulses.'

 Wolf Vostell
«Electronic Dé-coll/age, Happening Room»

The environment is made up of 6 TV sets equipped with auxiliary electromotors that move objects over the glass-strewn floor. Slides showing earlier happenings and works by Vostell are sometimes projected on the walls. According to Vostell, the room contains 'Multi multilayer mixed layers, superimpositions and events mobile collages and dé-coll/ages.' The environment was displayed at the 1968 Venice Biennale.