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Joseph Beuys «Felt TV»
Joseph Beuys, «Felt TV» Shown in TV broadcast 'Identifications', 1970
Photography | Photograph: Udo Reuschling | ©
The final image seen on the videotape is an arrangement corresponding to that of the 'Felt TV' object Beuys said should be installed as an autonomous work in the corner of a room with no reference to the action. Beuys saw the felt picture as his 'representative' in this installation, saying that in its juxtaposition with the felt-covered TV set, 'two identical items of information face each other. Thus, it is the totality of the energy at work. From this something can be developed, naturally under radically new conditions.'

 Joseph Beuys
«Felt TV: Shown in TV broadcast 'Identifications'»

As a contribution to Gerry Schum's 'Identifications', Beuys adapted for television the 'Felt TV' action previously staged for a live audience at a Happening festival in Copenhagen in 1966. It was the only Beuys action executed specifically for the camera. It opens with Beuys seated in front of a TV set showing a programme which is invisible because the screen is covered by felt. The boxing-gloves used later in the action lie at the ready beneath his chair.