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Lutz Dammbeck «Media Collage REALFilm»
Lutz Dammbeck, «Media Collage REALFilm», 1985 – 1987
© Lutz Dammbeck

Lutz Dammbeck «Media Collage REALFilm»Lutz Dammbeck «Media Collage REALFilm»Lutz Dammbeck «Media Collage REALFilm»Lutz Dammbeck «Media Collage REALFilm»
Photograph: Karin Plessing

 Lutz Dammbeck
«Media Collage REALFilm»

The artistic principle of 'Work in Progress' is obvious in Lutz Dammbeck's versatile media collages. The complex of psychologically repressing historical contexts and personal involvement arises in ever-new medial combinations in his stage, film, and painting work. Along with the 'Media Collage Hercules', 'Media Collage REALFilm' is a second variation of a probing, formally multi-level processing of German history; it uses some of the same material, here in particular the film 'Hommage à La Sarraz'.