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Sommerer/Mignonneau «Phototropy»
Sommerer/Mignonneau, «Phototropy», 1994 – 1997
© Sommerer/Mignonneau

Sommerer/Mignonneau «Phototropy»Sommerer/Mignonneau «Phototropy»
6*4*4 m (W*H*D) | 1 PC, Data projector, 4 multiple power outlets & extension cables, Projection screen 400 x 300 cm, 1 wooden podium approx. 100 x 30 x 30 cm, 1 interface «Phototropy» (© Mignonneau & Sommerer) incl. cables, sensors, interface, transformers, «Phototropy» graphic software (© 1997, Mignonneau & Sommerer), «Phototropy» interface software (© 1997, Mignonneau & Sommerer).


«Phototropy» is a biological expression describing the force, that keeps organisms or organs, like for example bacteria or plants, following the light, in order to get nutrition and hence, to survive. The interactive computer installation «Phototropy» speaks about virtual insects and organic growth that follows the light of a lamp, held and moved by the visitors in the installation. Computer generated virtual insect-like organisms will follow and fight for light, seeking for nutrition. The real physical light of a lamp nourishes virtual insects by giving them life-supporting and life-enhancing energy. These artificially living creatures struggle for light, by following it and trying to reach its central focus. Each movement the visitor will do with the lamps beam, the creatures will follow, in order to get a maximum of light nutrition.