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Lynn Hershman «A Room of One's Own» | Room of One's Own (video screen)
Lynn Hershman, «A Room of One's Own» (Echo Narcissus), 1990 – 1993
Room of One's Own (video screen), 1992 | © Lynn Hershman

Lynn Hershman «A Room of One's Own» | Room of One's Own (video screen)Lynn Hershman «A Room of One's Own» | Room of One's Own (installation view)
United States | interactive computer-based videodisc, installation, mixed media | interactive video installation

 Lynn Hershman
«A Room of One's Own: (Echo Narcissus)»

«‹Room of One‘s Own› requires a viewer/voyeur to peer into an articulated eyepiece that is placed at eye level and incorporates a movable periscopic viewing section. The very act of ‹looking› initiates the action. As the viewer/voyeur focuses on any of the objects in the room, images appear in a one-way mirror/wall via videodisc, projection and computer-based signals that also incorporate viedo images of the viewer‘s eyes the piece. [...] Within the miniature room, a small monitor exhibits the viewer/voyeur‘s eyes, so that whoever is watching becomes a virtual participant in the scene being seen.»
Lynn Hershman Leeson

(quoted from: Jeffrey Shaw/Peter Weibel (eds), Future Cinema. The cinematic Imaginary after Film, exhib. cat., Cambridge, Mass./London, 2003, p. 222.)