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Lynn Hershman «Teknolust»
Lynn Hershman, «Teknolust», 2001
Filmstill | © Lynn Hershman

 Lynn Hershman

Lynn Hershman’s film is a Cyber-Fi Digital Film, one of the first shot with a 24p digital high definition camera as well as a revolutionary laser scanning camera and will feature an artificial intelligent web agent.
Anxious to use artificial intelligence to improve the world, Rosetta Stone, (Tilda Swinton), a bio-geneticist, devises a recipe through which she can download her own DNA into a ‹live› computer mixture. She succeeds in breeding three Self Replicating Automatons part human, part computer. They look human, but are, in fact, intelligent machines . The SRA's, named Ruby, Marine and Olive (also played by Swinton), support their research, the SRA's sell consensual dreams on the internet. The only flaw in Rosetta's program is that the SRA's need the specific male chromo found only in sperm to survive, As the SRA's can not distinguish dreams from reality, Rosetta programs Ruby via movie seduction tapes to enter the real world and seduce men and share donations with her sisters, who ingest the sperm through hypodermic needles and tea. Unexpectedly, after contact with Ruby, the men suffer from impotence and unexplained rashes. Fearing a plague, medical experts alert the Federal Immune Patrol and enlist Agent Edward Hopper (James Urbaniak) to investigate this rampant virus. Hopper, and his cohort Dirty Dick (Karen Black) attempt to solve the mystery by seeking clues from the affected men. Ruby's contact with the real world introduces her to art, spirituality and the capacity to fall in love, which she does with Sandy, (Jeremy Davies) a lonely Xerox shop worker.
All of the characters struggle to find love in a world that no longer needs sex to reproduce and a world where love is the only thing that makes things real.