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Gary Hill «Viewer»
Gary Hill, «Viewer», 1996
1999 | Courtesy: Donald Young Gallery, Chicago | Photograph: Thomas Pedersen, Poul Pedersen | ©

Gary Hill «Viewer»Gary Hill «Viewer»
United States | 5 video projectors and mounts, 5-channel synchronizer, 5 laserdisc players, 5 laserdiscs | 5-channel video installation

 Gary Hill

In the multiple-channel video projection «Viewer,» blatant watching becomes the sole activity. While during the act of watching, the viewer adapts to the confrontation with performers, and tests their presence from various perspectives; on the «other side» of the screen, and from the very beginning, the action of the performers amounts to seeking direct eye-contact with the viewer. People wearing everyday clothing, representing different social backgrounds, stand arranged in a line as though in a team. But the installation is neither interactively conceived, which would allows us learn more about the performers through their actions, nor does it allow the presentation mode to refer to either a context or story. The juxtaposition of those watching and those being watched—just as easily understood in the reverse—refers to a zero point unable to be bridged with any narrative content.