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Maurice Benayoun «World Skin»
Maurice Benayoun, «World Skin», 1997
Screenshot | © Maurice Benayoun

Maurice Benayoun «World Skin»Maurice Benayoun «World Skin»Maurice Benayoun «World Skin»Maurice Benayoun «World Skin»Maurice Benayoun «World Skin»Maurice Benayoun «World Skin» | play video
France | Concept: Maurice Benayoun | Music: Jean-Baptiste Barrière | Software: Patrick Bouchaud, Kimi Bishop, David Nahon (SGI, Z.A); Raphaël Melki (Grafik/graphics) | Edition / Production: Maurice Benayoun, Ars Electronica Center, Z.A Production, Silicon Graphics Europe

 Maurice Benayoun
«World Skin»

The interactive installation «World Skin» features a «photo safari» into the Land of War. Equipped with cameras visitors move through a three-dimensional space: A selection of photographs and news images from various war scenarios presents a universe imbued by mute violence. We are invited to «shoot» our snapshots, whose topics are extracted from the universe of the installation. Available worldwide, they can be retrieved from the Website of World Skin. Visitors may take home the prints of their «Safari».