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Vibeke Tandberg «Faces # 1-12»
Vibeke Tandberg, «Faces # 1-12», 1998
Photography | © Vibeke Tandberg
Web-Link: Faces # 1-12

Digital Print | Colour Picture

 Vibeke Tandberg
«Faces # 1-12»

In an unexpectedly subtle manner, digital photography makes possible new ways of staging the disintegration of the self. In the photo-series «Faces,» the artist produces hybrid mixtures of her own face by incorporating the features of friends and acquaintances, and turns the truth of her self-portrayal into a series of multiple identities. Increasingly evident in the 1990s, this interest in the hybridization of portraits and questioning our concept of identity was shared with Aziz and Cucher, Orlan, but also with forerunners of the field like Nancy Burson and Lynn Hershman.