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Aziz, Anthony; Cucher, Sammy (Aziz/Cucher) «The Dystopia Series»
Aziz, Anthony; Cucher, Sammy (Aziz/Cucher), «The Dystopia Series» Maria, 1994
© Aziz, Anthony; Cucher, Sammy (Aziz/Cucher)

 Aziz, Anthony; Cucher, Sammy (Aziz/Cucher)
«The Dystopia Series: Maria»

»With advances in digital technology and robotics, bioengineering is forging the link between the natural and the artificial. Likewise, contemporary photographic practice has entered the realm of the imagination, celebrating the virtual and fictitious.
Furthermore, with the end of truth in photography has come a corresponding loss of trust; every image, every representation, is now a potential fraud. And as the eternal debate rages on about the appearance of truth and truth itself, simulation is the only truth we can trust. [...]
In an electronic global culture dominated by the need for an efficient distribution of information, there is a gradual obsolescence of the body, as the Natural becomes subservient to the Technological.
Through developments in digital technology, photography has been freed once and for all from the rigid conventions of Realism. Like life itself, it is now capable of representing not just what is real, but what is possible.«

(source: Hubertus von Amelunxen et al. (eds.), Photography after Photography, exhib. cat., Verlag der Kunst and Siemens Kulturprogramm, Munich, 1996, pp. 126–129.)