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Ursula Biemann «Remote Sensing»
Ursula Biemann, «Remote Sensing»
2001 | Videostill | © Ursula Biemann

Ursula Biemann «Remote Sensing»Ursula Biemann «Remote Sensing»Ursula Biemann «Remote Sensing»Ursula Biemann «Remote Sensing»Ursula Biemann «Remote Sensing»Ursula Biemann «Remote Sensing»

Categories: Video

Keywords: Feminism | Body

Works by Ursula Biemann:

Performing the Border| Writing Desire

Switzerland | 54' | video tape

 Ursula Biemann
«Remote Sensing»

«Remote Sensing» roams through the territories of the global sex trade moving
us from orbit into women's lives from Eastern Europe to East Asia. As Biemann explores the lifeworlds of sex workers, she invents a feminist media topography, layering her video perspectives of sexual laborers and their 'personal data' within remote satellite imagery of the earth. «Remote Sensing» exposes what it means to sense the world remotely and charts the ambivalences surrounding the media technologies used to track, monitor and "sense" women's bodies from a distance. Biemann navigates a unique path through critical dialogues on the global sex trade, feminist geography and media activism and her video will become a natural resource for anyone interested in these areas. (Lisa Parks, Dept. of Film Studies, UC Santa Barbara)