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Andy Warhol «Outer and Inner Space» | Outher and Inner Space
Andy Warhol, «Outer and Inner Space», 1965
Outher and Inner Space | © Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol «Outer and Inner Space» | Outher and Inner SpaceAndy Warhol «Outer and Inner Space» | play video

Categories: Film | Installation

Keywords: Self-Portrait

Works by Andy Warhol:

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United States | 33' | 16mm-film

 Andy Warhol
«Outer and Inner Space»

Filmed in two thirty-three minute b/w segments with Warhol's Norelco camera, the film focuses on actress Edie Sedgwick. The two segments were spliced together on two separate reels of film creating a split screen with four close ups of the actress. Two of the images show Sedgwick speaking spontaneously into the camera, while the other two are of her speaking to someone off-screen, commenting on watching herself on television.