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Valie Export «Images of Contact»
Valie Export, «Images of Contact», 1998
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 Valie Export
«Images of Contact»

First, a dark hand appears in the crosshairs. Five words are spread over this interface: ‘index', ‘playback', ‘biography', ‘credits' and ‘syntagma'. Two ordering systems appear on the index page: a carton full of framed slides leads to photographic works, while an image of a shelf containing cassettes with handwritten labels is the starting point for excerpts from a total of 16 videotapes. Like a catalogue, the CD-ROM provides a representative selection of Valie Export's media work. The navigation system is strongly visual in orientation. ‘Syntagma' is the name of an experimental film that, parallel to the indexing already mentioned, includes references to works by Valie Export, forming the starting point for researching the selection of works from the early 1970s onwards. The CD-ROM thus provides access to the full range of Valie Export's work in expanded cinema, film, video, photography, Performance and installation, much of it marked by a feminist approach.