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Alba D'Urbano «Hautnah»
Alba D'Urbano, «Hautnah», 1994
Screenshot | © Alba D'Urbano

 Alba D'Urbano

The main part of the project »hautnah« (skin tight) is a suit, which is printed with life size nude images of the artist. Photographs of the body were digitalised with the help of a computer and then shaped to fit the surface of the fabric. Following the ‹made of skin› suit the clothing collection of the «Il sarto immortale» project was designed. These cotton satin dresses can be purchased from the artist’s website. The whole project consists of several elements: During a performance or rather installation, called «Couture 1997,» in the Art Club Wiesbaden two tailors worked up the printed body fabric into the above mentioned clothes. This was followed by the performance «Laufsteg» (catwalk) where the dresses were presented by models in a fashion show at the «Art Cologne» in 1997. The installation «Display» presents the project via video, patterns, clothes etc in various exhibition halls. During the event «Outside» the collection was displayed using ordinary advertising billboards throughout the city.


Jennifer John