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Nam June Paik «Traitor, you left fluxus (Postcard to Nam June Paik)»
Nam June Paik, «Traitor, you left fluxus (Postcard to Nam June Paik)», 1964 – 1965
© Nam June Paik

 Nam June Paik
«Traitor, you left fluxus (Postcard to Nam June Paik)»

When in 1964 the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen came to New York with 'Originale' (‘Originals’), a piece first performed in Cologne in 1961, a severe conflict divided the Fluxus movement. Paik, who had been cast in the Cologne production some years earlier, took part along with other avant-garde artists like Charlotte Moorman, Allan Kaprow and Allen Ginsberg. By contrast, George Maciunas and several Fluxus disciples saw in Stockhausen a 'characteristic European-North American ruling-class Artist'. They demonstrated outside the theatre with placards with slogans like 'Fight Musical Racism' or slogans of similar nature, and terrorized the renegade performers with postcards like the one shown here.