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Lynn Hershman «Phantom Limb Photographs»
Lynn Hershman, «Phantom Limb Photographs», 1980 – 1990
© Lynn Hershman

 Lynn Hershman
«Phantom Limb Photographs»

The »Phantom Limb Photographs« is a series of black-and-white photographs, where Hershman combines female bodies with different technical features like cameras or camera lenses
»These works merge human bodies with technological cyborgian attributes, pointing out our reliance on electronics and media , and how it invades our physical and psychological collective selves.« (Lynn Hershman)
»Hershman's strategic substitutions of robotic appendages for female anatomical features also allude to the dehumanization brought on by technology. The distinction between the animate and inanimate is uncannilly effaced in these photomontages.« (Christine Tamblyn, Art News, Summer 1990)